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Call of Duty: Warzone

Please read the documentation page to learn how to use Overwolf game events.

Game ID



This game requires enabling exclusive mode on your OW app's windows. Read more about OW exclusive mode.

In addition, when developing your app, you must comply with Activision’s Call of Duty:Warzone terms and conditions. Supporting que dodging, interfering with matchmaking or any such behavior is strictly prohibited, and will not be approved. If you have any doubt, please contact us directly before starting development.

For more information check our Game compliance principles

Sample Apps

Available Features

Game event status

It is highly recommended to communicate errors and warnings to app users.

Check the current game event status here. Alternately, you can easily check that status from your app itself, using our API.


Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
gep_internalgep_internalLocal + Public version numberSee notes143.0

gep_internal note

Data Example:



Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
pseudo_match_idmatch_infoThe current match’s ID code.


This is an Overwolf-generated code, unrelated to Activision.159.0
rostermatch_infoLocal players' match information based on his actions and kda.See notes159.0


EventEvent DataFired WhenNotesSince GEP Ver.
match_startnullMatch started.See notes157.0
match_endnullMatch ended.See notes157.0

roster note

Important to know that local player details arrive at the beginning and during the match, and the information of the rest of the players arrives on the end of the match.

Data Example:


match_start note

Data Example:


match_end note

Data Example:



Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
activision_idgame_infoLocal player's Activision ID.See notes157.0
battlenet_taggame_infoLocal player's Battlenet tag.See notes157.0
match_stategame_infoCurrent game's match state.See notes157.0
lobby_stategame_infoCurrent state of the lobby screen.See notes157.0
game_modegame_infoCurrent game-mode type (solo/quads, etc).See notes160.0
game_mapgame_infoCurrently played game-map.See notes160.0
uno_idgame_infoLocal player's uno IDSee notes175.0

activision_id note

Data Example:


battlenet_tag note

Data Example:


match_state note

Data Example:


Possible values:

  • "eIDLE"
  • "eINITING"

lobby_state note

Data Example:


Possible values:

  • "eIDLE"
  • "eINITING"

game_mode note

Data Example:


Possible Values:

  • 1 - lobby
  • 140 - solo, duo, quads
  • 139 - trio
  • 24 - training

game_map note

Data Example:


uno_id note

Data Example:




EventEvent DataFired WhenNotesSince GEP Ver.
killnullLocal player has performed a kill.See notes158.1
assistnullLocal player has performed an assist.See notes158.1

kill note

Data Example:


assist note

Data Example:




EventEvent DataFired WhenNotesSince GEP Ver.
deathnullLocal player has died.See notes158.1

death note

Data Example: