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overwolf.web.webserver API

An instance of a web server.

The OW webserver is CORS enabled and sends the Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers to clients.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that uses additional HTTP headers to tell browsers to give a web application running at one origin, access to selected resources from a different origin. The CORS mechanism supports secure cross-origin requests and data transfers between browsers and servers.

It's useful for case when you need to pass some data (ex: authentication token) from your website to Overwolf app.

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Version added: 0.93

Listens for requests on the given port.

If the port is already in use, or this instance is already listening, an error will be returned.

callback(Result) => voidA callback function which will be called with the status of the request

Callback argument: Success

A callback function which will be called with the status of the request

"status": "success",
"url": "http://localhost:7707/"


Version added: 0.93

Closes the web server. It can be re-opened again.


Version added: 0.93

Fired when the web server receives an incoming request, with the following structure: RequestEvent Object.

RequestEvent Object

Version added: 0.93

Container for the Requestevent object.