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Ads Monetization Basics

Ads Monetization Basics

  1. Select the type and size of ads you wish to work with, and determine where will they be displayed visually in your app. Please review our ad policy or consult with the team if uncertain.
  2. Check the Overwolf Advertising SDK.
  3. Ask our team to provide you with a test ad so you can verify the integration and see the ad appear live.
  4. Once your ads are ready & approved, they will automatically be served to your app.
  5. You will receive a personal secure dashboard showing your app's performance and revenue summaries in real time.

What kind of ads are available?

  • Video ads are available in 400×300 and 300×250 sizes, we strongly recommend 400×300.
  • Display banners are available in 300×250, 728x90, 300x600 and 160x600 sizes.
  • Legendary Builds

    Legendary Builds

  • DotaPlus


Advertising policy

Overwolf requires that only advertisements displayed or distributed through Overwolf’s proprietary advertising platform may be displayed or distributed through Applications. If you manage an external website, please do not implement 3rd party iframes with ads inside the Overwolf application.

Use Forgivable Ads. In some more words, don’t create ad experiences that you would not stand for as a gamer. Ads present a challenge and tend to provoke negative responses, but they are critical to our economy and our ability to create great apps. In general, talk to us if you're worried or unsure about your app's experience.

Do not present two video placements at the same time (also applies to two different app windows running at the same time)

Advertisers need to get continuous value from advertising on Overwolf, so to keep the CPMs high and to get more advertisers on the platform we need to provide a high-quality experience. With time, we found that it's not only about the right time and place, but also about advertising in a balanced way.

To get a more general idea, we follow the industry Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices which are provided by the IAB. We also constantly scan our traffic with 3rd party anti-fraud tools to monitor quality and spot issues.

Dos and Don’ts

Ad Location

  • If your app has more than one view, make sure ad location is fixed and does not change when flicking through those menus.
  • Ad should be visible and not hidden behind app elements (hidden ads can flag for fraud, this is important).
  • Video ads aim for high completion rates to monetize well. Therefore, place video ads only in windows that have a good average open time - 30s minimum is recommended to fully view standard video ads.
  • Advertisers want to engage with the user and use their advertising budgets smartly to get maximum value. One of the ways to measure that is completion rate, which represents the number of users that watched 100% of the video ad out of the total number of users who saw the ad showing up. A good, high Completion rate is 70% or higher.
  • While developing your app, put yourself in the user’s shoes. As the developer, you should find the best timing to present ads. Most games have “Dead” moments where nothing happens (Client Loading, Match Loading, post-game victory screen, etc.) so the ad won’t interrupt gameplay.
  • Ads cannot be placed on the following: signup/login windows, error windows, pop-up windows that only show an ad, auto-closed windows and empty windows
  • In case you wish to have two ad placements on the same app window, make sure one of them is a pure display placement (160x600, 728x90).

Ad size

Video Players come in different sizes. Our recommendation is to use the standard 400×300 size, which should have higher fill rates as well as higher CPM.


  • Advertising budgets are more significant for Tier 1 countries: US, UK, CA, AU, DE.
  • If most of your app's users originate from Tier 1 countries, it’s likely that your CPM and yield will be higher.
  • We monetize ads in lower tier countries too, but our recommendation is to focus your marketing efforts on Tier 1 countries to maximize your revenues.