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Monetize your app

Congratulations! You’ve created a great Overwolf app loved and used by many gamers. If you want to, you can now explore monetization capabilities such as subs or ads. Please make sure to follow our guidelines, and in case you choose to have ads, create a non-intrusive in-app ad experience, ideally with an ability to subscribe.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscription based monetization is ideal for allowing your users to enjoy an-ad free experience, get extra features/perks and support you, the creator. Introducing a Subscription plan is pretty easy as Overwolf takes care of the payments, allowing you to focus on implementation and design of premium features.

How do ads work?

Introducing ads in your app can help you support development while offering a free service. Please note that you cannot place ads anywhere you like as we take the game experience seriously and ads that might interfere with gameplay will not be approved. We recommend using idle times such as loading, in-between rounds and other times which do not take focus from the game.

General payment terms for developers

  • Payments will be processed based on NET 60 (for example, January will be paid in April).
  • The minimum amount for each payment is $200 (net) based on the agreed revenue share. If the amount payable is less than $200, Overwolf will roll such amount over to the subsequent payment period until the total amount payable reaches a minimum of $200.
  • Payments are processed via bank wire (contact your DevRel manager to fill in the payment details form).
  • Payments can only be transferred in USD.
  • The revenue numbers in the Developer’s Dashboard are not final. Final numbers for payment will be sent separately via email after reconciling all numbers and campaigns.
  • Revenue from video ads is updated daily while revenue from display ads and subscriptions is updated on a monthly basis.