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Subscriptions user flow

Subscribing from the app's page

The easiest way for a user to subscribe is going to that app’s page in the Appstore and clicking the "Subscribe" button.

One App page - Unsubscribed

One App page - Unsubscribed

Subscribing using the in-app button

Developers can choose to implement an in-app subscribe button leading directly to the subscription flow.



Features screen and Checkout flow

After clicking "Subscribe", the user reaches a detailed plan page that breaks down all plan features. Currently, each app can only have one plan, but in the future multiple plans will be possible, each with different own feature sets.

  • Subscription features page

    Subscription features page

  • Checkout flow

    Checkout flow

  • On-screen purchase confirmation

    On-screen purchase confirmation

  • One App page - Subscribed

    One App page - Subscribed

  • Email purchase confirmation

    Email purchase confirmation

Manage active subscriptions

Subbed apps appear in a new settings page where users can easily monitor or cancel their subscriptions as they please. Cancellation takes place at the end of the current subscription period.



Uninstall / Cancel subscriptions

When a user begins to uninstall Overwolf, they will get a notification warning them about active subscriptions that they might want to cancel for that app.

  • uninstall-subs-notification


  • uninstall-subs-notification-popup


  • cancellation-mail