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Subscriptions overview

Overwolf ads are crafted for gamers, showing in the most appropriate times when there are breaks in the action, and never bothering gamers while playing. Even so, some users still prefer to remove ads entirely regardless of timing and location. To address these requests and to generate more revenue for app creators, we’ve set up a new tool in your monetization arsenal - app subscription.

Gamers are now able to pay a monthly fee to become premium users of your app, getting special perks and services in return. We encourage you to think of cool ways to reward premium users and improve their experience beyond just removing all ads from the subscribed app.

Subscriptions provide you with a stable source of income, but even more importantly bring your users closer and increases their engagement with your project - they are supporting you to keep working on an app they enjoy remember to show them some love!

Subscription Basics

A complete user flow can be found here.

Detailed instructions on how to implement subscriptions in your app can be found here.

Any application can launch a subscription program based on removing ads, but we strongly recommend producing new perks and benefits for Premium users to ensure they feel like they got good returns for their investment.

Who can sub?

Any of your users with a Paypal account or international credit card can subscribe to an app.

The overwolf.profile.subscription API

Read full API documentation for the subscriptions API here.

We're here to help

Our developer success team is ready to help implement your first subscription program! If you’re not certain about the features you want to add or how to implement them, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Request a Subscription plan

Please fill this form in order to get an app subscription plan.

Can I integrate external payment solutions?

Yes, but you’ll have to get approval first. Longer answer - Overwolf offers ads and subscriptions as a service for creators to monetize their apps. Overwolf’s revenue is generated through a revenue share from those ads and subscriptions and as a result, Patreon, direct PayPal, or any other payment solutions services that are outside of Overwolf’s ecosystem, creates complexity. And still, we understand that this might be important for some.You can do that by sending us an email, or by contacting your direct Developer Relations Manager. We’re continuously improving our subscription service to make sure it’ll fit all your needs. If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve, we’d love to hear it in a feature request.

To read more about Overwolf’s business model click here.