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Product checklist

Product Predator‚Äč

  • Implement a First Time User Experience (FTUE) (Read more here).

  • Create a desktop/lobby mode for your app pre game (Read more here).

  • Add a contact form or any means of direct communications (Read more here).

  • Develop a post game experience with high user value around your app's core value proposition.

  • Detect and notify users if the app needs to be updated (Read more here).

  • Create and maintain a change log inside the app and a website.

  • Write Knowledge Base articles (Read more here).

  • Your app supports at least 5 languages.

  • Your app supports 2nd screen functionality, by offering real time stats, builds, tips, leaderboards or any other relevant info

  • The app has 2nd week retention greater than 40%.

*Note: this checklist previously awarded extra percentages for the revshare, but it was discontinued as of Jan 1st, 2021.