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Technical checklist

Technical Hunter‚Äč

  • Your Main (index) window is used as a hidden controller that opens other windows.

  • Window management is done according to our best practices (Read more here).

  • No in-game full screen windows are used.

  • All windows launch in up to 30ms (Read more here).

  • Your app should have error notifications for network downtime, API issues and server errors. (Read more here).

  • App follows local/server assets best practices. (Read more here).

  • Avoid the use of non-100% transparency in your window design, calculating pixel values may cause a performance drop.

  • The app passed Overwolf's performance test. It works smoothly and does not cause lags in game. Moreover, the app has 0% GPU/CPU/memory usage when idle.

*Note: this checklist previously awarded extra percentages for the revshare, but it was discontinued as of Jan 1st, 2021.