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Promoting your app

Promotion Basics

Once your app is ready for release or has a major feature rolling out, it’s a good time to get some new blood to join the fun! Most creators promote their apps within their game communities and relevant social media channels independently, and that’s fantastic and quite effective. However, when an extra push is needed - you should talk to us, we have a talented marketing team dedicated to helping you.

Requesting a Promotion

To initiate a promotion all you have to do is reach out to us, send a current build of your app, explain why it is time to promote and what kind of promotion you had in mind. We can look into social media promotions, Youtube campaigns, Facebook campaigns, influencer marketing, performance campaigns or anything else that will serve your product’s growth - our team will figure out the best way forward based on your preferences and input.

Overwolf will evaluate your request for the following couple of weeks. We’ll be looking at data as the main point, then we’ll review the user experience. If we feel that the app is in the right place for marketing, we’ll contact you so we can start working together. If we think that the app needs more time in the oven, we will be happy to work with you and suggest how we think that app could be improved in terms of UX and data. We mainly look at 2nd week retention metrics.

Default Promotion Model (Starting October 1st 2019)

Following your promotion request, here’s what you need to know if it’s decided that you are ready for full scale marketing efforts:

  • You can choose how much to invest in marketing activities.
  • Both Overwolf and you invest in the budget, based on the current revenue share that your app has (For example in the classic 70%/30% rev share, you will be paying 70% of the marketing budget). Overwolf will also manage budgets per campaign, help with influencers and assist in more ways to effectively spend it.
  • For the first 3 months of promotion, you are not required to pay anything while Overwolf takes the risk. Only once the app starts earning will your debt be charged in agreed-upon installments from monthly revenues you receive from Overwolf.
  • Once we agree on a plan and budget, we will update you frequently about progress, data, suggest optimization routes and more.

Further Support

Once a plan is developed, Overwolf will boost your promotion using our own channels. When justified, we will support you with extra budget as well – up to doubling your own marketing budget. Let’s plan your next promotion! Talk to us!