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Easily create apps for PC gamers

Overlay, real-time game events, monetization, auto patching, Anti-Cheat compatibility and all that good stuff

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  • Easily create a desktop app with overlay capabilities, using just HTML and JS. Your own desktop app, desktop icon, auto updates, anti-cheat compatibility and the works... we do it all for you

  • Get access to real-time game events for leading games and make your app as if it were integrated directly with the game itself

  • Monetize your app and make money by showing forgivable ads (= ads on loading screens, when gamers don’t have anything better to do anyway). It’s easier than implementing AdSense, not affected by ad blockers, not obtrusive and our team will optimize the experience with you

Game developer?

Community is power and a driver for retention.
Give your community tools to create valuable in-game content for your game with the Overwolf SDK

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