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Follow this page for ongoing updates and changes to the project or tools. Here you can find our Developers Roadmap.

Here you can find a summary of all past version releases:

  • Latest major documentation update: Discord Rich Presence (Released on: November 22nd 2023)
  • Latest ow-electron version: 28.2.5 (Released on: March 2024)
  • Latest ow-electron-builder version: 24.13.4 (Released on: April 2024)
  • Public Overwolf platform version: 251 (Released on: May 2024)
  • Developers' Overwolf platform version: 251 (Released on: May 2024)
  • Latest developers' Console update: Users and Permissions Bite 2 (Released on: March 26th 2024)
  • GEP Changelogs can be found in their own respective page
  • For specific versions, check the sidebar to the left of this page