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App Creation process

So, you want to build an Overwolf app? Great! We're here to help!

This includes not just the infrastructure required to create and publish your app either! We are always glad to help in every step along the way.
From polishing your concept, to constant feedback and insights during development, to an active developers community filled with fellow devs, all the way to launching the first version, with a marketing campaign and plan for the future all lined up.

After all, creating a great app takes a lot of time and effort - let us save you some of it, so you can focus on delivering the best app possible.

Join the community!

The Overwolf Developers' Discord is where you'll be:

  • Discussing general App development
  • Exchanging ideas with fellow app developers
  • Inspire and get inspired by other Apps and App developers
  • Finding other, like-minded developers, who you may even want to join up with
  • Getting access a plethora of community-maintained resources, Sample Apps, and more
  • Reporting issues with the Overwolf SDK & requesting new features

To get started with all this, head on over to the community server!

So how does it work?


The journey ahead may be long. As such, it's important to prepare first.
We have compiled a short pre-flight check-list, to help you get your bearing:

  • Do you have an idea?
  • Is this an idea you can see, at least to a certain degree, a way to approach programatically?
    • It's important to take time and research this part, especially for your idea's core parts!
  • Take a look around this website - Can you spot the things you may need?
    • Specifically, did you take a look at popular app features? Do any of these tie in to your design?
    • If your idea involves integration with real-time events in a specific game - Have you made sure that there are events for that game, exposing the relevant data?
Find inspiration

Want to improve how gamers play their favorite games? Have a cool idea for one of the games you love? Need a little inspiration to get started?
Take a look at our App Store! It’s the perfect place to check out awesome Overwolf apps, learn about their journey and get a clear direction for what you would like to build.

Once you've answered these questions, you are ready to go through your first obstacle - Submitting your idea.

Idea Submission

You don't need to check every single point yet - if you are unsure about any part, simply let us know about it in your submission, and we will do our best to help!


Was your initial submission approved? First of all, congratulations! Now you can start working with the API.

Now, it's time to get started building your app. For now, don't aim for the sun. Instead, make sure you have the basics down:

  • Experiment with the different APIs you plan to use.
  • Experiment with mockups of the different features you have planned.
  • Read up on the other APIs and docs on this site.
  • Try to create a minimal working version of your app.
  • Make sure you have a basic plan of action from here on out.
Need Feedback?

Join our developer's discord! The community is always glad to help each other out!

And don't forget - our team is always here to help. Don't be afraid to reach out at any point, for any question or request you might have.

Preparing the first app submission

Once you feel that you have created a simple, fully fledged version of your app, you may submit it for initial review, or continue developing and improving it first.
Once you do submit your first build, our team will then go over it, and let you know of any feedback they have.

After you take care of any serious issues the team might have found, you will receive access to the Developer's Console, where you may begin the Releasing process.


So, you're ready to publish your app? That's great!
If you haven't already, please make sure to submit your app for an initial review.

Once you have passed the basic submission process, you will also be assigned a DevRel manager. If you are ready to publish, simply let them know which version you wish to go public with.
They will then pass it to the team for one final review cycle. Once all of (if any) the critical issues found are resolved, you will be able to ask your DevRel to publish your app to the store, for the whole world to see and use!

But remember, the journey doesn't end once you're ready to go live. In fact, this is merely the beginning of your app's Growth!


Now that your app has is ready for release, there are many things you can do from here:

  • Improve your app - More features, more improvements, better UX, better monetization, improved stability, better usability, the sky's the limit!
  • Build and grow your community - You know what's better than one user? A whole community of users, all of which are invested in your app!
  • Promote your app - No matter how great your app is, it would be sad if nobody knew about it. We can help you fix that, be it through planning and advice, or even advertising it directly!