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Getting started

An introduction to Overwolf apps

Overwolf apps are in-game apps created by independent creators or teams, improving the game experience of the biggest games out there. Overwolf overlay apps help gamers play smarter and have more fun by making useful information and tools available in-game

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What can apps do?

If you can imagine it, you can probably develop it. The possibilities are endless, but here are some of the most successful Overwolf app features to date:

  • Highlights

    Automatically clip highlights based on in game events such as kills or deaths,
    making it easier than ever to show off one's skills.

  • Game Stats

    Add in-game stats and enemy intel to top PC games,
    fuelling tactics and smarter plays.

  • Build & Recommendations

    Provide recommendations for builds, loadouts, compositions or decks depending on the game in question.

  • Tournaments

    Participate in user-organized tournaments and community challenges.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    Integrate with services and platforms all over the globe.
    For instance, you can merge Overwolf in-game events with in-stream tools using the Twitch API.

Where apps live

Apps can run in multiple modes which you should keep in mind when thinking about your concept:

  • In-game

    Apps can appear during loading times, in the lobby, during respawn timers or otherwise when the player is free and not busy playing.
    A hotkey enables or disables in-game apps whenever the user wishes it.

  • Desktop

    When the gamer's not in-game, apps can still provide value, for example by enabling a desktop window for debriefing and researching one's performance after a long match.

  • Companion Screen

    More and more gamers use a second monitor while playing, and companies such as MSI, ASUS, HP and others are rushing to release companion screen laptops - Overwolf apps are already prepared to work as a second monitor solution.

  • Twitch Extension

    Overwolf's apps are fully integratable with the Twitch API, so our tools can run on stream and communicate with streamers and viewer actions.

Your next steps

In this website you can find everything you need to build your app from the ground up, whether you're going at it independently or seeking help. If your concept is solid and you're in need of development resources, apply to our fund!

If you encounter any issues we can help with, difficulties to overcome or have suggestions to share, talk to us over at Discord or directly at

Already have a killer app concept? Submit your app proposal!