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Getting started

An introduction to Overwolf Apps

Overwolf Apps – Applications built by independent creators, utilizing Overwolf’s frameworks to integrate with some of the biggest games out there, making them even more legendary.

  • For gamers - these apps make their favorite games even better - allowing them to enjoy richer game experiences, to play smarter, and to have more fun.
  • For creators - these frameworks unleash creative freedom, giving them everything they need to create amazing gaming experiences. Coupled with Overwolf's powerful monetization and marketing tools, creators can build apps for everyone to enjoy, and even make a living in the process.

The next generation of games is just one click away. Let’s get started!

Supported Frameworks

Built using simple HTML and javascript, Overwolf Platform Apps run on top of the Overwolf Desktop App, using Overwolf APIs to bridge the gap between web development and desktop applications.

With a powerful API, and C# plugin support, these apps can deliver truly legendary features!

* For a more detailed comparison between the different platforms/frameworks, see frameworks.

What can apps do?

If you can imagine it, you can probably make it!

However, to help you pick where to start, here are some of the most popular Overwolf app features to date:

  • Game Stats

    Game Stats

    Highlight in-game stats, keep track of useful intel, and even show a live performance analysis, directly within the game - encouraging better tactics and smarter plays.

  • Builds & Strategies

    Builds & Strategies

    Provide recommendations for builds, loadouts, compositions, strategies, decks, and so much more, without the player ever leaving the game.

  • Quality of Life

    Quality of Life

    Go above and beyond, identifying and fixing unplanned friction points in the original game. Become the natural complement to the most beloved titles.

  • Highlights


    Automatically clip highlights based on in game events, such as kills, deaths, and more - so gamers can always look back at the moments that truly mattered.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    3rd Party Integration

    Integrate with any number of external services: Game forums, stream chats, even food ordering! The whole world, at your users' fingertips.

Where do apps live?

Apps can run in several different environments, which you can always mix and match to create the perfect experience:

  • In-Game Overlays

    In-Game Overlays

    Using overlays, apps can extend a game's UI, create value in otherwise "dead" moments, or just generally work as seamless extensions of the game. Minesweeper during loading screens anyone?

  • Independent Desktop Windows

    Independent Desktop Windows

    Apps can also provide native desktop windows, containing anything from game debriefing, performance analysis, highlights management, and much much more, running regardless of a game.

  • Second Screen Views

    Second Screen Views

    As more and more gamers adopt setups with more than one screen, so can your app expand. Provide even better, more detailed functionality during the game, without hiding even a single extra in-game pixel.

Your next steps

So, if this sounds interesting to you, let's get started! Simply head on over to App Creation Process to proceed.