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Validate your manifest.json

To help you make sure that your manifest file is correct and complete, validate it against our schema file.

You can find the most updated schema in our GitHub repository (and you are welcome to suggest changes/updates).

Online validation

Validate your JSON structure

Make sure that your manifest.json file is a strictly valid JSON, without trailing commas, etc.
You can use or any other similar services.

Validate your schema

Make sure that your manifest.json file contains only valid Overwolf flags, properties, etc.

  1. Go to or similar service like
  2. Copy-paste the schema's and your manifest.json code into the "Schema" and "Input JSON" windows, respectively.
  3. Check for any errors or missing data.

Automated schema validation

To better follow the modern practices of CI and CD, we strongly recommend you to automate the validation process using your preferred tools.

We demonstrate here how to do that using one of the popular npm schema validation packages, called ajv-cli. Also, the examples here are tested in the terminal of Visual Studio Code.

The steps which developers should take to validate their manifest.json automatically:

1. Install the npm package

> npm install -g ajv-cli

g- install this package globally and make it available for all your projects.

2. Pull the latest manifest

Download the schema from GitHub and save it as overwolf-manifest-schema.json:

> curl -o overwolf-manifest-schema.json ""

o - output name.

3. Validate the data

Validate your manifest.json against the local schema file that you just downloaded (overwolf-manifest-schema.json):

>  ajv validate -s overwolf-manifest-schema.json -d manifest.json