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Version 0.226

  • Note that iterations 225 and 226 were combined into a single version.


  • As mentioned in a previous newsletter, this version will be the last supported Overwolf version for Windows 7/8/8.1.
    • A warning has been added to the installer as well as the clients of existing affected users.
    • While support for this version will be removed, it will still continue working, and apps can still choose to release updates for it.


  • Deprecated API - Deprecated all Gfycat methods, as the site seems to no longer be running.
  • New API - - Allows an app to further control the settings of file-based game screenshots.
    • With the release of this API, file screenshots will now always use the .jpeg or the .bmp file formats. Screenshots taken before this version however, will always use the .jpg format.
  • New API - overwolf.utils.createLogsZip() - Allows an app to create a local from the local users' logs, as opposed to just creating and uploading it directly to the server.
  • Updated API - Added the GetRunningGameInfoResult.elevated field, which indicates whether the running game is running with elevated permissions (Aka Running as Administrator).
  • Updated API - Improved the clarity of the exception thrown when selecting an unsupported encoder in StreamSettings - now uses the CaptureErrorCode.UnsupportedEncoder error code.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving app overlay enablement for newly targeted games.
  • Fixed an issue where app windows would occassionally freeze when trying to open a new window.
  • overwolf.notifications.showToastNotification() will no longer fail if passed an empty buttons array.
  • Downloading an app through an app test channel whose name contains a space ( ) character will no longer download the app's public version instead.
  • Drag resizing an in-game window will no longer get stuck when releasing the drag outside of the game's screen.
  • Game-specific hotkeys will no longer ignore settings changes on the next overwolf start.
  • Fixed an issue with the enable overlay notification not showing in some cases.
  • will no longer throw an error when passing in an empty file path.
  • Fixed a bug where*.shareEx() and*.share() methods would fail when trying to share a .jpeg image.