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Version 0.224

As a part of this update, the recording API documentation is being rennovated. As such, some of these changes may not yet appear within their respective pages.


  • Updated the underlying OBS recording engine version (27.2.3 -> 29.1.0). Notable changes include:
    • Deprecated the NVIDIA_NVENC encoder
    • Improvements to the AMD_AMF and INTEL (Quick Sync) video encoders
      • The new AMD_AMF implementation should run faster across the board, but may see a slight performance loss on considerably older hardware
      • The INTEL encoder's underlying implementation has changed. On some older systems where it is not supported, the old encoder will still be used.
      • The INTEL encoder has new encoder presets, which also cover the underlying OBS target_usage parameter.
    • Added three new HEVC encoders - NVIDIA_NVENC_HEVC, INTEL_HEVC, AMD_AMF_HEVC
      • These new encoders can only be used for recordings, and cannot be played within in-game windows (they will however play within a native window)!
    • Various changes to the lists of supported video encoders and encoder presets - the full up-to-date list can be found here
      • Passing an invalid encoder preset will not throw an error, but instead use the default preset for that encoder. This also includes deprecated encoder presets
    • Microphones can now be set to record as mono rather than stereo.
    • Added support for the encoder.config.profile parameter from the underlying OBS, which accepts a value from the overwolf.streaming.enums.StreamEncoderProfile enum.
    • Added the encoder_custom_parameters field to the extra_options field, which allows you to pass encoder-related settings directly as is to the OBS engine, overriding any settings set by the Overwolf API. Documentation for finding the exact value names and values is currently in the works.
    • Removed error for using a wrong encoder.config.preset value. Any invalid preset passed in will now instead default to the encoder's default preset.
      • This also means that both config.preset and config are no longer required parameters when setting a specific encoder.
  • Improved the and methods' error handling:
    • Trying to share unsupported video formats to twitter will now throw an UnsupportedVideoEncoding error. This includes:
      • Any videos recorded with a *_HEVC Encoder.
    • Errors resulting from the twitter API will now be passed directly to the app, instead of an UnknownError.

Bug Fixes

  • Opening two overlapping native windows at once will no longer cause them to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue where calling on a native window could unintentionally grab focus from the currently active game.
  • Fixed an issue where the game's audio volume setting would be ignored when using filtered_capture.