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Version 0.236


  • OSR (in-game) windows can now opt in to enabling hardware acceleration, using the disable_hardware_acceleration flag.
    • This is still turned off by default, and should only be used if absolutely necessary, as it can have a relatively large performance impact.
  • Apps can now set more than one url scheme, using the new schemes flag.
    • The scheme flag is still supported to maintain backwards compatibility, but is no longer recommended for usage.


  • New API - overwolf.settings.hotkeys.getAllApps():
    • Returns all active hotkeys, for all games, across all active Apps + all Overwolf Platform hotkeys.
  • Updated API - Added the disable_auto_shutdown_on_game_exit field to the StreamVideoOptions object.
    • Allows an App to opt out of having the streaming API's recording engine automatically shut down once a game session it was targeting ends, leaving the responsibility for closing it to the App itself.
    • It is still heavily recommended to shut down the recording engine as soon as you are done with the game it was started for, rather than keeping it around.
  • New API - overwolf.extensions.current.getPhasedPercent():
    • Returns the Apps' Phasing Percentage for a given version (defaults to the last fully rolled out version).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, in some edge cases, the Overwolf Client would not shut down properly when closed.
  • Fixed a bug where the App's uninstall window would not open if it wasn't running.