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Version 0.234


  • Added support for remote disablement of Overlay for games where an issue may have popped up.
    • To simulate this behavior, two new Overwolf commandline flags have been added - Make sure you only use these during development, to avoid interfering with any actual important on-going disablements:
      • --disable-overlay-test - Disables all overlays for all games, regardless of client version.
      • --disable-overlay-version="${VERSION_NUMBER}" - If VERSION_NUMBER is higher than the current Overwolf Client version, disables all overlays for all games.
        Example value: --disable-overlay-version="".
  • Improved stability for loading OPK files, to account for interference from misconfigured Anti Viruses tampering with Apps.


  • New API - Added two new fields to overlayInfo (
    • overlayRemotelyDisabled - Whether or not the Overlay for this game has been remotely disabled.
    • minimumEnabledOverwolfVersion - The minimum (if any) Overwolf version required to enable Overlay for this game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues/App crashes around edge-cases involving the Overlay.