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Please read the documentation page to learn how to use Overwolf game events.

Sample Apps

Available Features

Game event status

It is highly recommended to communicate errors and warnings to app users.

Check the current game event status here. Alternatively, you can easily check that status from your app itself, using our API.


Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
gep_internalgep_internalLocal + Public version numberSee notes143.0

gep_internal note

Data Example:



Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
mapmatch_infoName of selected map.See notes148.0

map note

Data Example:


Possible map values:

  • "laboratory" = The Lab
  • "Tarkov Streets" = Streets of Tarkov
  • "Suburbs" = Suburbs
  • "Interchange" = Interchange
  • "bigmap" = Customs
  • "factory4_day" = Factory (day)
  • "factory4_night" = Factory (night)
  • "Woods" = Woods
  • "Town" = Town
  • "RezervBase" = Reserve
  • "Lighthouse" = Lighthouse
  • "Shoreline" = Shoreline
  • "Terminal" = Terminal
  • "TarkovStreets" = Streets of Tarkov


EventEvent DataFired WhenNotesSince GEP Ver.
match_startnullMatch is found and about to start.See notes148.0
match_endnullMatch has ended.See notes148.0
deathnullPlayer diedSee notes221.0

match_start note

Data Example:


match_end note

Data Example:


death note

Data Example:



Info Updates

keyCategoryValuesNotesSince GEP Ver.
phasegame_infoCurrent game state.See notes148.0

phase note

Data Example: