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Monetize Your App

Congratulations! You’ve created a great app loved and used by many gamers. Now, you can start exploring the different monetization solutions offered by Overwolf, which can help support your development effort.

In the following sections, we will go over how to use the different solutions available, as well as their pros and cons.

  • Ads - Ads offer a way to monetize your app seamlessly, without compromising user experience.
    • In order to use Ads, apps must also comply with our Advertising Policy. A technical checklist for it can be found here.
  • Subscriptions - Subscriptions offer a way for users to directly support your development, getting new great perks in the process, while the core App features stay free, for the users who cannot/will not pay.
  • Expermental - All Overwolf tools, and especially our monetization tools, go through constant evolution, as we strive to provide better, more valuable services.
    As a part of that effort, this section has been created, to help keep track of ongoing public monetization experiments.

General payment terms for developers

  • Payments will be processed based on NET 60 (for example, January's credit will be paid in April).
  • The minimum amount for each payment is $200 (net) based on the agreed revenue share. If the amount payable is less than $200, Overwolf will roll such amount over to the subsequent payment period until the total amount payable reaches a minimum of $200.
  • Payments are processed via bank wire (contact your DevRel manager to fill in the payment details form).
  • Payments can only be transferred in USD. For further instructions see:
  • The revenue numbers in the Developers’ Dashboard are not final. Final numbers for payment will be sent separately via email after reconciling all numbers and campaigns.
  • Revenue from video ads is updated daily while revenue from display ads and subscriptions is updated on a monthly basis.