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Advertising Policy

Overwolf is committed to maintaining a safe and productive advertising platform, and we work tirelessly to maintain it, be it in-house, with Advertising companies, or with app developers.

In order to ensure that this environment is maintained, we ask app developers to make sure that you comply with the following policies:

  • Only advertisements displayed or distributed through Overwolf’s proprietary advertising platform may be displayed or distributed through applications.
    • If you manage an external website, you may not implement 3rd party <iframes/> with Ads inside of your Overwolf application.
  • Adjusting the opacity of Ads presented to users should be avoided, in order to maintain the integrity of the creative content, and uphold the industry standards.
  • Ad containers must be positioned in a way that clearly and visually marks them as part of the App's content. More specifically:
    • Ad containers may not be placed in a window without any other app content.
    • Ad containers must always be directly adjacent to other app content, clearly marking them as part of the app.

To give a broader context - Overwolf follows the industry Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices provided by the IAB.

We also constantly scan any and all of our Ads traffic with 3rd party anti-fraud and viewability tools, to ensure that Ads quality is kept high, while issues are swiftly dealt with.

Forgivable Ads

Always Remember

Use forgivable Ads - do not create Ad experiences you would not stand for as a gamer using your app

Ads tend to provoke negative responses from users. However, they are critical to our economy, and our ability to support the many great apps created by the community.

As such, you must also keep in mind the following:

  • Do not create Ad experiences that are actively intrusive/clash with the app's basic usage.
  • No more than one video Ad container may be placed on a single page at any moment.
  • Any manipulation of or interference with the ads integration is not allowed - Bots, auto clickers, constant page reloading, faking impressions, etc.
  • Ads may not be placed on dead end/empty screens. This includes:
    • "Thank You" pages
    • "Login" pages
    • "Dialogue/Error/Notification" pages
    • Etc
Unsure? Contact Us!

If you're uncertain about any part of your Ad planning, or just have any questions about Ads and our policy, contact us, and we will gladly help!