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Store Listing

The Store Listing Tab This section of the console allows you to manage everything involving your app's store listing.

This page utilizes the Footer Toolbar in order to manage changes made to any fields.

App details

App Details

Under App details, you can view and edit several parts of your apps' store listing:

  • App Name - The name that will be displayed for your app in the store. This can be different from the app's manifest name!
  • Author - The name that will be displayed for the app's author in the store. Uses author_display, defaulting to author if it does not exist.
  • App URL - Your app's unique store page URL.
  • Monetization - A quick summary of the app's currently supported and enabled monetization (free? has ads? has subscription?).
  • Short description - A plain-text short description for your app, displayed on your app's preview in the store.
  • Full description - A full description for your app, displayed on your app's store page. Supports CommonMark.
    • Similarly to Release Notes, there is a Preview button to see how the final description looks. Make sure to check that your description looks exactly like you want it to before submitting it.

Graphic assets

Graphic Assets

Under Graphic assets, you can change your app's store listing assets:

  • App icon - The icon used for the app in the store.
  • Tile image - The image used for your app's store tile.
  • Screenshots - Between 1 and 5 screenshots representing your app.
Image Sizes

Keep in mind that all app assets have their own strict size and format requirements. For further reading, refer to the ? icons near each image section in the console, and to Prepare your store assets.