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Long-term Marketing Promotion

Promotion Basics

Once your app has been adopted well by the community, and you see strong indicators of product-market fit (mainly good retention), it’s a good time to get some new blood to join the fun! Most creators promote their apps within their game communities and relevant social media channels independently, and that’s fantastic and quite effective. However, when an extra push is needed - our talented marketing team is dedicated to helping you grow.

Long-term app marketing promotion

The long-term app marketing promotions are the strongest push we can offer app creators. This program is open to creators whose app surpassed 40% 2nd-week retention for a few weeks in a row, and it includes:

  • Dedicated creative production (ads, landing pages, etc.)
  • Owned media push - CRN, Carousel, etc.
  • Paid boost in either PPC channels or influencer marketing

Over the past few years, our marketing team accumulated amazing success stories in helping creators reach incredible heights.

How does it work?

The long-term app marketing promotion program is opt-in. When opting in, you commit to:

  • A minimum commitment of 6 months
  • A monthly participation of your choice which will be covered by you, offset from your monthly revenue (minimum $5,000/month, consistent over the entire duration). This is your Participation.
  • Whatever participation you commit to, Overwolf will double. This means the monthly marketing Budget for your app will equal 2x your Participation.
  • We can’t guarantee the full Budget will be spent each month, but we’ll do our best. In those cases, the amount you will cover each month will be 50% of what was actually paid, and not your full Participation sum.
  • Depending on opportunities and performance, we might support the promotion of your app with additional promotion efforts fully covered by Overwolf.
  • In any case, the amount you will cover will be capped at your Participation, with the delta being covered by Overwolf.

CRI opt-in

Additionally, creators who opt-in to the Long-term App Marketing Promotion program agree to include their app in the CRI promotion tool. This means your app’s installer will include an opt-in promotion to a second, non-competing app on the Overwolf ecosystem.


A detailed monthly report of spend, channels, and results will be available on redash.

Requesting a Promotion

To initiate a promotion all you have to do is reach out to us, and decide on monthly Participation that makes sense to you.