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Marketing asset requirements

Assets requirements for media kit

Assets Requests from Developers

  • The assets you provide us with be used to ensure the landing pages and marketing materials we make are as on-brand as they can be.
  • This will result in landing pages that don't only look  cool and professional, but also convert better. Higher install rates help making the most out of every marketing dollar you invest.  
  • We will never use your assets for anything other than promoting your brand without your consent.
  • Here is an example of a landing page we created for partners:

What we need

App’s Design System On Figma

  • If possible, we would prefer getting the full app's design system in whatever form you have. 
  • The next slides are a checklist of what we will need from your DS. 
  • Best format would be Figma.
  • Preferably in SVG format.
  • Please provide all approved variations of the logo.
  • If there is no option for SVG format, please provide the logo in a high resolution PNG file with no added background.
  • JPEG format - Has background
  • SVG / PNG  format - No background

2. Fonts

  • Format: TTF
  • Please include information such as which is the main font / in which cases is each font used.
  • Preferably in html classes (i.e H1, H2, H3 etc...)

3. Main Brand Colors

  • Preferably in a Figma file containing all the colors and specific uses.
  • If not possible, please specify the hex values of the colors in textual form. In text format, please include uses for each color and priority of usage. For example:
  • CTA Color : #e5004c (Pink)
  • Text Color: #f4f2ff (Purple-Grey)
  • BG Colors: #161326 (Dark Purple) / #797399 (Purple)

4. App Description

  • What is the exact app name in written in text form? (i.e AppName / App Name / Appname)
  • Add a short textual description of what the app does.
  • Describe the app's value - what does the app offer that is different from other apps for the same games/games. Why should gamers use it?
  • Add short textual titles and description of the app's top 3 features
  • Check the example landing pages mentioned above for inspiration.

5. Full Mockups of the app

  • Please provide a fully "realistic" usage mockup of each of the apps different pages/tabs/windows/etc...
  • If possible, create several different example for each mockup screen shot (i.e if it's a player stat window, create several different players and different stats so we can choose and randomize). 
  • Vector assets: SVG / Illustrator file / Figma link are preferable.  
  • JPEG/PNG: Please send them in the best resolution as possible (even larger than the realistic resolution).

6. Special assets

  • For example: icons, game assets,ingame screenshots, interface screenshots etc, everything you want or think we could include in future designs for the app.
  • JPEG/PNG: Please send them in the best resolution as possible.
  • Vector assets: SVG / Illustrator file / Figma link