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App recommendations

Overwolf uses several tools to help creators grow their apps, as helping creators grow is a central part of our mission. Some of these tools include the appstore carousel, or marking apps as “featured”. One additional tool we use is the Content Recommendation Notification (or "CRN").

CRN recommends new apps for players that could offer them value, similarly to how other platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Launcher, and more recommend new content to users.

The notifications must meet several requirements:

  • They are spaced out and capped (no spamming).
  • We’ll only recommend high quality apps (judging based on retention).
  • The promoted app will never be a competing app to the apps the player already has installed.
  • Users can always opt out from seeing these notifications.

Additionally, during development we found that retention of players who see these notifications is actually slightly better compared to those who don’t see them.

How does it look like?

Content recommendations are displayed after a player finishes playing a certain game, and only while there is a relevant app to recommend.

For example, if a player finished playing DOTA 2, but he doesn’t have a DOTA 2 app installed, he might see an app recommendation for a DOTA 2 app


How can I get my app promoted via CRN?

Apps are eligible to be promoted via the CRN tool once they hit 50% 2nd week retention for a few weeks in a row. If your app meets this requirement and you’d like to be promoted, please reach out to your Developer Relations Manager.