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The Overwolf Simple IO plugin

A very useful plugin that we've developed ourselves is the Simple IO Plugin. This plugin allows your app to perform different filesystem I/O operations not available otherwise.

You can read more about the functions of the simple-io-plugin in the Simple I/O GitHub repository.


We implement a lot of functionality from the simple io-plugin into the API and the API. Please check it before implementing the plugin in your app.

Common uses for the plugin

This plugin enables you to:

  1. Read a game’s log file or files and even “stream” the log file, line-by-line, to your app.
  2. Create your own persistent log file on the local hard drive.


  • You can get the plugin from our GitHub repository.
  • The latest DLL can be found here, don’t forget to Unblock it after downloading.

Unblock Dll's

When you download foreign DLL files using a browser, Windows automatically marks it as unsafe. You can mark the file as safe by checking the 'Unblock' box found in the file's properties.

!Unblock dll