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Januray 26th 2023 - Updated App Proposal submission

This was a small update, improving the Submit App Proposal page with easier navigation, more accurate tips, and a new submission form that's directly linked to the Overwolf account, to streamline the whitelisting process even more!

Januray 10th 2023 - New Ads SDK

This update focused on improving the documentation of the Overwolf Ads SDK, as well as factoring the changes made in recent versions of the Overwolf Ads SDK. With it, the following pages were updated:

  • Monetize Your App - New category, covering app monetization. Formerly Monetization Overview. Updated content:
    • Clarified payment terms for developers.
    • Updated payment instructions for developers.
  • Advertising - New category, covering Ads-based monetization. Formerly Ads Monetization Basics. Updated content:
    • Clarified steps required to integrate Ads into app.
  • Working with Ads - New page, covering Ads-related app design. Formerly Ads SDK Overview. Updated content:
    • Separated technical Ads implementation requirements to Ads SDK.
  • Ads SDK - New page, covering the technical implementation of Ads into an app. Formerly part of Ads SDK Overview. Updated content:
    • Updated Ads implementation snippet.
    • Clarified Ad size usage.
    • Added Ads implementation guidelines for ow-electron.
  • Advertising Policy - New page, covering the policies governing Ads implementation. Formerly part of Ads Monetization Basics.
  • Ads SDK API - New page, serving as a shortened API reference for integrating the Ads SDK.
  • OwAd - New page, detailing the exact API offered by the OwAd object created by the Ads SDK.
    • Combination of the former Ads SDK Options and Ads SDK Interaction pages.

The following page were merged into larger pages:

  • Ads SDK Versions -> Moved to sit under Ads SDK.

January 10th 2023 - New Homepage

This update focused on bringing a new and improved Homepage, as well as streamlining the onboarding of new app developers. With it, the following pages were updated:

  • Homepage - Updated visuals. Updated content:
    • Added basic comparison between ow-electron and the Overwolf Platform.
    • Added "four main steps of app development"
      • Prepare - Research and planning (+ whitelisting when using Overwolf Platform).
      • Build - Building & Developing an app.
      • Release - Initial release process (+ how to best launch an app publicly).
      • Grow - Growing and maintaining an app.
    • Added content about dev discord and the game events sdk.
  • Getting started - Updated visuals. Updated content:
    • Updated intro.
    • Added basic comparison between ow-electron and the Overwolf Platform.
    • Updated list of popular app features.
    • Updated "where do apps live" list.
    • Updated links for cleaner onboarding flow.
  • App creation process - Updated formatting. Updated content:
    • Page now lists the "four main steps of app development".
    • Page has been updated to fit both Overwolf Platform apps and ow-electron apps.
  • Submit app proposal - Clarified next steps in case of app idea rejection.