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Submitting an App Proposal


So, you have a great idea for an Overwolf application. What's next?

We find that apps turn out much better with a bit of planning, and are here to help! Care to share your apps basics with us? This means putting together a simple app summary, laying out your idea, the kind of features you would like to implement, and some visual mockups so we can get an idea for what the app will look like.

The goal here is sharing what your app is about before you invest too much time and effort into development- changes are easy early on and hard to do down the road. By looping us into your process you can enjoy our experience and technical expertise to spot and solve issues before they ever appear to gamers.


It's not required to have a registered business to work on an Overwolf app, apply for funding or collect revenues from your app. The Overwolf platform welcomes creators of all types and sizes, from indie devs working alone to companies with large teams.

Start creating

If you're just looking to explore Overwolf’s framework - no worries, we got you.

Go check out our Javascript and Typescript based Sample App. You might not be able to distribute it, but It's a great way to start your journey in becoming a legendary in-game creator.

Sample App Access

The sample app requires you to be whitelisted as a developer in order to use properly. If you wish to experience a non-developer version of it locally, to see if Overwolf is right for you, contact us, and we will help you from there.

Still have some questions? Join the developers community where you can get help from experts in the community.

Tips for writing a great proposal

To help you prepare a kick-ass proposal, here’s what we recommend you do first:

  • Review what’s already out there.

Look over the apps in our Appstore, especially the ones most similar to your proposed idea. Think of what your app can do better, or what it can offer that other apps don’t.

  • Review our documentation

Whether you’re new to Overwolf or a returning developer, it’s imperative you go over our documentation. We’re constantly updating our documentation with current features, so this is the best way for you to remain updated about all the tools and features you can harness.

Whitelist as a developer

Only whitelisted Overwolf developer accounts can load or install apps that not available on the Overwolf store, including unreleased beta versions. If you are not whitelisted you will not be able to run or install such apps, which means testing your work in progress will be hard.

Prepare your proposal

Submitting your app concept for review is easy, and we’re not looking for a complete set of technical documents at this point. Instead, the goal at this stage is creating a clear, concise description of what the app is and how it will work for gamers. We also want to see a mockup of your planned User Interface. This proposal (and the app itself) must be in English, although you may freely support more languages in the final app.

Before submitting your proposal, please read the developer & app terms of service.

Note that you do not have to own a registered business or company to work on Overwolf apps or collect revenues - Overwolf is open to independent developers and companies alike.

What happens next?

We will review your concept internally and reach back within 4 business days to provide feedback - including whether Overwolf approves or rejects your app for the appstore.

  • Approved app proposals:

Great job! We think it’ll be a great fit for the Overwolf Appstore. Now the real fun begins! Dive into our documentation and start working on your app - we are here to lend a hand, spare some advice or provide services you need for your project.

  • Rejected app proposals:

Assuming your concept wasn't fleshed enough initially, we might suggest trying for a different concept. As it is, this app won't fit our Appstore because X Y Z, but we appreciate the solid proposal and are looking forward to seeing more ideas from you soon! You won’t be able to submit this app again, but we encourage you to let us know if you have another idea that might be a better fit.