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Recommended Ads Layouts

Planning for Ads is hard, especially with so many sizes to choose from.

To make it slightly easier, we have devised a list of recommended, optimized Ad Container combinations/layouts, for different app windows while taking into account the many different factors at play. You can also find a brief summary of each layouts's pros and cons, as well as a (very rough) revenue estimate for its performance*, when compared to the baseline layout of its window type**. With this, we hope to give you a place to foothold to get started.

* Revenue estimates are generated based on aggregated performance data across the entire platform, across many countries and setups. Actual milage may vastly differ. ** Revenue baselines differ depending on the window type.

Currently, the following window types are accounted for:

  • Desktop / 2nd screen - Native, desktop windows, existing outside of a game's context
  • In-Game - In-game, overlay windows, existing only within a game's overlay
Can't find the right layout for your case?

Try to pick a few you like, and see why they work. Combine, experiment, and most importantly, get feedback from others. We are always here for any questions you may have!

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The following is a list of recommended Ad layouts for your different App windows.


* The estimated revenue for this layout has recently been optimized, and a more accurate estimate is currently being worked on.
** One or more Containers in this layout may contain multiple Ads at once, based on realtime optimization. Standard limitations about Ads per window still apply.