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The Subscribers Tab This section of the console gives you a detailed overview of your app's subscribers, allowing you to sort them by:

  • Subscription Username - The user's Overwolf username.
  • Subscription Plan name - The name of the subscription plan.
  • Current subscription State - The current state of the subscription.

Every subscription entry itself contains:

  • The users' User name.
  • The Plan's name.
  • The subscription's State.
  • The Expiration date of the subscription.
  • A button to edit the subscription.

The active subscriptions are split into pages, using The Paging Footer.

Interacting with subscriptions

Adding a new subscriber

You can add a new subscriber for your app manually, using the Add subscriber button in the top right. There, you can choose their username, as well as the plan to add them to.

Manual Subscriptions

It is important to remember that when you add a user manually, the user will not be:

  • Charged for renewing the subscription automatically once done.
  • Counted for subscription statistics under Statistics.

Editing active subscriptions

Handle With Care

While you physically can edit the subscriptions of your users, make sure to do so responsibly, and to communicate it with your DevRel.

Any changes made to a user's subscription will directly affect their billing!

You can edit a subscription manually by clicking its edit button (in its specific row). That way, you can change:

  • The subscription's current state:
    • Active: The subscription is currently enabled.
    • Cancelled: The subscription was either cancelled by the user or expired.
    • Revoked: The subscription was cancelled by the dev.
    • Invalid: The Subscription was cancelled due to a transaction error (failed to recharge).
  • The subscription's expiration date. Edit Subscription Details

You can also view the entire action history of that specific subscription, and even filter it by dates.

Subscription Details History Inside of each log entry, you can also see some additional information, if there is any.

Specifically, inside of Payment entries, you can see the exact price paid, and the Transaction ID for the specific payment.

Refunding A Subscription

It is possible to refund and cancel a subscription's latest payment, by clicking refund & cancel in its latest Payment entry's additional information.

This is an irreversible action!