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Competitive integrity is one of our core values, and we work tirelessly to enforce this value, both in-house and with the cooperation of game developers. To ensure we’re aligned with Call of Duty Warzone’s terms of service, we ask you to make sure you comply with the following protocols.


Before answering the questions below, please review our Game Compliance Guidelines


For Warzone, please note that apps are not allowed features which could cause:

  • Unfair advantage to your users
  • Any effect on player behavior during lobby phase or the match itself
  • Any effect on general matchmaking behavior in the game

If you’re planning to track live stats in your app please note the following rules:

  • No live stats are allowed during warm up before match start
  • No live stats are allowed during the match itself
  • No DLL injection is allowed
  • No singling out specific players for outstanding behavior/performance