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Competitive integrity is one of our core values, and we work tirelessly to enforce this value, both in-house and with the cooperation of game developers. Ever since the release of Year 7 Season 2 in Rainbow 6 Siege, there have been changes to the guidelines as a result of the addition of the new Privacy Mode. In the case that users enable this mode, apps should follow these guidelines:

Private Mode Detection:

  • Detect & support the new R6S private mode, as well as any other privacy options.
  • Avoid giving users any method to identify whether another user is in private mode or not.
  • Do not identify a user due to any kind of behavior (such as: suspected cheater, streamer, smurf and so on).

Custom Display Name:

  • When a player uses a custom temporary display name, their username should also be replaced by the custom temporary display name in the app.
  • The suffix tied to the custom temporary display name should also be displayed in the app, exactly as it is shown in-game.
  • When a player hides their personal avatar by displaying the default Ubisoft avatar, their avatar should also be replaced in the app.

Users Information:

  • Apps may only display the following: seasonal win%, seasonal K/D, seasonal number of matches played, and current rank.
  • Apps should take special care to avoid displaying any information about a user which originates from said user’s profile.

Backtracking Sources:

  • There should be no possibility of backtracking a user's profile because of the app (for example: When a player uses a custom temporary display name, clicking on their name should not return a traceable profile on the app & site).