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Competitive integrity is one of our core values, and we work tirelessly to enforce this value, both in-house and with the cooperation of game developers.

Riot Games app approval

If you wish to integrate your app with any of Riot’s games, you are required to seek their approval through their 3rd party application process.


These guidelines hold even if you do not intend to use the Riot API itself. Do note that apps which reach the publication phase and do not yet possess a Riot approval, will be asked to provide one before proceeding.

Champion Select Anonymity

Riot Games is working to prevent metagaming and queue dodging (among other things). As such apps should make sure that Summoner Names in Ranked Solo/Duo champion select should be obfuscated. More specifically:

  • All instances of non-party Summoner Names in Champion Select should be replaced with Ally # (Ally 1, Ally 2 and so on). This includes:
    • In-lobby text chat.
    • Summoner names displayed inside the draft area.
  • Player designations should be consistent for all players in the lobby. (Ally 1 should refer to the same player on all clients).

Do note that this only applies during Champion Select, and only to players who are not a part of your party. More specifically:

  • Your own name is not anonymous to yourself.
  • Players who queued in the same party are de-anonymized to each other.
  • Once in the loading screen, players will be able to see summoner names.