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Marketing Communication Guidelines

Your app is live and you want gamers to get to know it and use it more. While we cover promotions in depth here, this article is going to take a closer look at communications and some easy ways to engage positively with your users. A strong brand with clearly communicated messages prevents confusing on behalf of your users, making it easy to relate and explain the app's value to others. For example, clearly messaging that your app runs on Overwolf is important to prevent users from churning out or being negative towards your Overwolf installation flow.

Communication Goals

  1. Communicate to improve user experience.
  2. Communicate to be transparent and clear with our audience.
  3. Communicate to inform users about value they can gain or explanations to software behaviors they encounter.

"Get it on Overwolf"

As an example of good visual messaging making it clear for the users that they'll have to install something from us, you should implement the 'Get it on Overwolf' badge in your landing page, social media channels and other public settings. Mentioning the Overwolf appstore when referring or promoting your app is generally a good practice.

The right badge to use, basic version:

Dark version:

Note that you should always link this and other badges to your app's page in the Overwolf appstore, never a direct download.

Messaging logic example

Potential users are looking at your website and see your app's brand. When they click the download button, however, an Overwolf installer launches. If there's no messaging around this gap, the user might churn off because it feels like the wrong product was downloaded.

As a developer, clear communications will benefit you plenty down the road, as users will understand what they are getting when they download your product. Being part of the Overwolf platform and telling that to your users will help them understand the app’s user experience.


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