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User journey and error handling

User Journey Basics

  1. The journey you build for users should make them understand your app's value as well as how to actually get it.
  2. Each step and possible action in your app needs to be communicated clearly to your users.
  3. Software issues are inevitable, and error messages are super important to help users address the issue or, at least, avoid confusion.

Desktop journey

The desktop window is a great place to provide information and lead the user onwards - since most apps and features are meant for in-game usage, users launching the desktop app are more attentive and patient. In this window you can explain your app's basics, clearly state what it does and where (for example, 'go in-game to launch this app').

The desktop window can be home to plenty more. Sharing news, asking for feedback, showcasing a cool video and more - it's all possible in your desktop hub.

  • CS:GO Stats

    CS:GO Stats

  • Lolwiz


  • PUBG Tracker

    PUBG Tracker

Loading screens

Good loading screens for your app assist in monetization and provide a great opportunity to communicate with the user in a non-interruptive way. You should include a short reasoning for the loading screen itself (for example, 'fetching player information'), but can also include visuals, materials or texts.

  • Streamaware


  • DotaPlus


App data is ready

When your app is ready to work as intended, let the user know and explain how they should use it initially. It’s super important to make sure that users understand the basics and are able to use your app as intended with hotkeys and/or mouse clicks.

  • Koreanbuilds


  • DotaPlus


Error handling

Having a downtime? Server being upgraded? Something else is wrong? Your users have to know. A simple and accurate error message announcing the state of the app can go a long way and save you time, energy and bad reviews. We recommend figuring out the most common issues and implementing error messages whenever possible.

Examples of error messages:

  • “Due to a recent game patch, Overwolf app API has stopped working - we'll fix it shortly!”
  • [app name] is not able to show stats because the chosen game mode is not supported.”
  • “We’re experiencing issues and this app is currently unavailable.”
  • “Some stats may be unavailable. Check <appname's> Facebook and Twitter for updates”
  • Herowatch


  • Herowatch


  • Lolwiz