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Enable Developer Tools

Since OW client version 0.153, we decided to protect both users and developers from any security breach and disable the Chrome Developer Tools by default.

You can toggle this feature on or off in two ways: through the command line, or the windows registry.


The recommended and easiest way to enable Chrome Developer Tools is to add a registry key.

How to enable dev tools

There are two ways to toggle a feature (ordered by precedence): command line, or registry.

Command line

To enable the feature through the command line: overwolf.exe --ow-enable-features="%feature1%,%feature2%.

To disable: overwolf.exe --ow-disable-features="%feature1%,%feature2%.


overwolf.exe --ow-enable-features=enable-dev-tools

Windows registry

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to toggle the feature is by adding a registry key.

This method is also not affected by a client update - once you enable a feature through the registry (for example - enabled the dev tools) - it's enabled, even if there was a client update.

Uninstalling the OW client, removes the registry key.

Note that the command line got higher precedence than the registry, so if it explicitly disabled this feature, the registry change will be ignored.

To enable a feature through the registry, you should add it under the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Overwolf\CEF] node.

For example, enable the dev tools feature:


Download registry key

To enable the developer tools on your OW client, you can save this file to your machine (make sure to save it with the *.reg extension), and run it.

Restart your machine

After adding the registry key, if the dev tools still do not work, a restart of your machine may be required.