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Version 0.138

  • All API functions that take callback arguments:
    from now on, we guarantee that a non-null result object parameter will always be returned and it will always contain a |success| boolean field.
    This means no more if (!result || !result.status ...) checks. Instead, this should always work: if (result.success).
  • New Overwolf definition file addition - make your lives easier and your coding experience faster. Full details can be found here.
  • New Event: overwolf.extensions.onExtensionUpdated. Notify when the app was updated.
    This event will replace the deprecated "overwolf.extensions.onExtensionUpdateStateChanged" event.
    Fires after the current app were successfully updated.
  • We updated the recommended process for manual update of your app.
  • overwolf.tobii: this API has been deprecated.
  • League of Legends Events
    • New event:
      • match_clock
  • Dota 2 Events
    • New info-update:
      • role
      • hero_pool
  • Dota Underlords Events
    • New supported game events