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Version 0.190

  • Note that iterations 189 to 190 were combined into a single iteration.

Game events

  • Halo Infinite
    • Update new events & info:
      • local_player_stats
      • scene
      • match_start, match_end
      • kill, death, assit
      • roster
  • Minecraft
    • New info_update
      • addons_xxx (mods)
    • supported from Minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.18 for both Forge and Fabric
  • Hunt: Showdown
    • New supported game
    • New game_info:
      • scene
  • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Add new privacy information about the local player - event "me"


  • We are removing the following APIs that have been obsolete for a several months:
    • overwolf.settings.OnHotKeyChanged()
    • overwolf.settings.getHotKey()
    • overwolf.settings.setFpsSettings()
    • overwolf.settings.RegisterHotkey()


  • Added the "path" property to the File object when using the HTML5 drag & drop feature.
  • When launching games, in-game app windows now hide themselves for games that aren't defined in the game_targeting property in the manifest.json file.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Task Bar icon would show the shortcut icon instead of the window icon.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto highlights where match_start_time could be a negative value if the match closed before the highlight has finished capturing.
  • Toast notifications now also work when loading an extension as "unpacked".