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Version 0.173

  • Note that iterations 171 to 173 were combined into a single iteration.



  • New client settings (Capture => Advanced Settings) with Rate Control and Max Kb/s sliders.
  • Rebranding - we’re releasing almost all of Overwolf’s client modules with a new branding.

Dev Console

  • App Channels - a new feature that enables you to create and distribute different app versions for your users /testers. The first part of this feature announced already on v0.170, and now the second (and last) part is released - the app channels management tools from the dev console.

Bug fixes

  • Extension tray icons would get blurry when changing display settings (try changing DPI from 100% to 175%).
  • Replay API - TurnOffResult typo.
  • GameInfoUpdatedEvent Object - fixed the issue that runningChanged is not being updated once a game starts running.
  • Fixed the issue that Video recording won't start if game is minimized.
  • Fixed a bug where subs oneapp page sometimes won't open.
  • New Reddit ( has an issue with escaped space characters in redirects. This fix ensures space (%20) won't be re-encoded to %2B and break the redirect

Game events

  • TurnOffResult typo.
  • Football Manager2021
    • New supported game with updates and events under:
      • match_info
  • Warzone
    • New update under:
      • match_info