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Version 0.162

Note that iterations 160 to 162 were combined into a single iteration.



  • Security patches:
    • Block browser from creating iframe to extensions://.
    • Block iframes inside apps from creating an iframe to extensions:// - unless in externally_connectable
    • Block app windows that run in a remote address - from creating iframes to extensions:// - unless in externally_connectable.
  • Update to new OBS (141 with sdk 10.0.19041.1).
  • Increase localstorage size to ~50MB. Note that localstorage should be used up to 20-25 MB saved data. If you need more than that, you should use other storage.
  • Enable for extension:\ scheme.

Bug Fixes

  • FilePicker with multipleSelection splits files with comma in their names.

Dev Console

  • Rates and Reviewes: users can leave reviews and rate your app in Overwolf’s App store, and you can browse these ratings and reviews and reply to users from the dev console.

Game Events