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Version 0.208

  • Note that iterations 205 to 208 were combined into a single iteration.


  • Added more page preview images
  • New section on the website - Tools, documenting the different tools provided by Overwolf (ow-electron, ow-cli, Developer's console, etc).
  • Dev console docs have been updated to reflect the facelift, and can be found here.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting app tray icons on the first install of the app.
  • Fixed an issue where overwolf.utils.openFilePicker() would throw an error when passed an initialPath.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing a press hotkey would interrupt an active hold hotkey, resulting in state: "up" never firing.
  • When an app is un-installed, its individual app channel setting will also get removed.
  • Fixed an issue where lifting a held hotkey was not properly detected if its modifier key was released first.