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Version 0.170


  • App Channels:
    Channels are no longer exclusive to the Overwolf client, apps can now also have channels; Creators can set a specific channel to use a specific version, this way they can super easily create and distribute beta versions for their apps.
  • In-app Subscriptions flow:
    We now give Creators the option to show the subscription modal inside their apps. You will never have to send the users to the store again.


  • .NET 4.8 implementation - we’ve upgraded the .NET version Overwolf uses to 4.8.

Dev Console

  • Subscriptions statistics page was added

Bug fixes

  • Fix overwolf.utils.openUrlInOverwolfBrowser: allow to open tab and redirect back to extension when origin URL is at 'externally_connectable' and to tab was open from the same extension.
  • Overwolf no longer reloads apps when a secondary GPU process is being created.
  • Fixed a typo in setRequiredFeatures when getting the “Provider not ready” error, what was once succedss is now success.

Game events

  • Support for the COD: Warzone game has been disabled temporarily.
  • Support for the PUBG Lite game will be disabled permanently from Apr. 2021 since PUBG Lite will be shut down at that date. In addition, we will remove all the content from our site.
  • Rocket League
    • New info update under:
      • game_info
  • Apex Legends
    • New "Arena" game mode will be enabled in the near future.
  • Valheim
    • New updates and events under:
      • game_info
      • kill