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Version 0.203

  • Note that iterations 202 and 203 were combined into a single iteration.

Game events

  • TFT
    • Support for all the events in TFT PBE
  • Valorant
    • New event - scoreboard. More info here
  • Axie Infinity Origin
    • Add new events: draw_pile, pile_hand, match_outcome, last_card_played
    • Add parameter battleid to battle_state event
  • Minecraft
    • Add new event mc_version - the current Minecraft played version


  • Backend cleanup
  • Improved sidebar navigation (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Cleaner URLs (Older urls will still work!)
  • Improved game-related page navigation
  • Changelogs are now split into separate, easy to navigate pages.

If you are using a fork of the website's original repository, you should fetch the new update as soon as possible to avoid losing any changes.

Known website issues:

  • "view all search results" is sometimes broken


  • Changelogs are now indexed properly when searching.


  • overwolf.streaming.enums.StreamMouseCursor now also supports a value of none, to never capture the cursor anywhere.
  • New API
  • New API
  • It is now possible to add the -webkit-app-region: drag css property to elements, making them drag the entire window with them. Do note that this behavior takes priority over button presses. If you wish to have working buttons inside an area with this property, you must manually exclude them from it in the css.

Bug Fixes