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Version 0.147

Note that iteration 146 and 147 were combined into a single iteration.

API and Platform

  • New feature: overwolf.window.flash()
    Flashes a window that is not in focus (for example, minimized to taskbar).
    Support either constant pulses or a single flash - the choice is yours.
  • New manifest flag: disable_cleanup.
    If set to true, app local data will not be cleaned up after app uninstallation.
  • New API:
    No need to use the external I/O plugin anymore for your current extension-related I/O functionalities.
    Now you can easily create, delete, or update files on your extension's dedicated storage space.
  • Allow apps to request opening the hotkey settings for a specific game. An example:
    • Current hotkey URL:
    • New hotkey URL:
      game_id is optional.
  • Upgrade to OBS 25.0.0
    • Update obs-ffmpeg.dll (NVENC encoder). That can affect some devs that are trying to capture videos and get encoders errors and a message that the NVEC driver should be updated.
  • Updates for the streaming and replay APIs: added a quota object:
    Allow setting max media folder size in GB, and exclude folders that are not part of this quota.
  • Video recording engine updated, and now it supports Vulkan capturing!

Game events