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Version 0.195

Dev Console

  • Soon

Game events

  • Teamfight Tactics
    • Add new info update "augments" for the list of available augments feature in the match - see notes here
  • Fortnite
    • Add new info update for ping and skirmish data - see notes here


  • New API: - a listener function that will trigger when a process that is defined as "Unsupported" in the Gameslist launches. It's important to note that it will only trigger if the app has defined "track_all_games":true in the manifest.json.


  • New manifest.json flag:
    • track_all_games is a new optional manifest flag located under the launch_events property, It can only be used in conjuction when the "tracked" property is set to true. This flag will cause the app to launch whenever a process defined in the Gameslist launches, regardless of whether it has overlay support or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Hotkeys will now work on first launch when loading extension as unpacked.
  • Fixed an issue with video composition if the file path has a quote ( ` ) char
  • Fixed an out of memory issue when using our API to share large videos on YouTube.
  • Fixed cases when calling bringToFront changes the window maximized state.
  • Resolved a case where we grabbed window focus upon creation of native windows, if the window was created as soon as a game was launched.