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Version 0.176

  • Note that iterations 176 to 177 were combined into a single iteration.


  • Toast Notification - Overwolf apps can use the newly implemented API, overwolf.notification, to show users native Windows notifications (those that pop up on the right bottom side of your screen).
  • Dedicate video capture option for specific games (CSGO, Warzone, Destiny 2) that requires exclusive mode to interact with the OW windows: up until now when we recorded these games in windowed mode, it resulted in a recording of the whole desktop. We now provide the option to record only the game window.
    • This feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it with the new game_window_capture property that you can find in the video settings object in the replays API or the streaming API.
    • New is_game_window_capture properties added to onStartStreaming and onReplayServicesStarted to inform the app Creator if this new capturing feature was used or not on the current OW window.

Bug fixes

  • Subscription in-app login form fix.
  • Overwolf will no longer crash when merging too many files while using createVideoCompositionFiles().
  • Fixed video recording for HyperScape.
  • Implemented a fix aimed at the integrity of the LevelDB.
  • Transparent windows in OpenGL games now get properly repainted.