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Version 0.201

  • Note that iterations 200 and 201 were combined into a single iteration.

Game events

  • Pubg

    • Support for new map - Deston
  • Rainbow Six Siege

    • New "suffix" field was added in roster event. According to Ubisoft privacy rules, in case there is a value in this field it must be linked to the player's name field wherever it appears during the match - More details here
  • Axie Infinity origin

    • New game support - More details here
  • Valorant

    • New map support for Pitt - Pearl. More details here
  • Dota 2

    • New support for Hero Pool detection for Captain’s Draft here
  • Diablo 2

    • New game events. More details here


  • Site-wide search improvements
  • Better look and feel (modern, clean and fast!)
  • Fixed a lot of broken links and formatting
  • Updated from docusaurus 1.14.7 -> 2.0.0-beta-20

If you are using a fork of the website's original repository, you should fetch the new update as soon as possible to avoid losing any changes.

Known website issues:

  • "view all search results" is sometimes broken
  • Changelog is not indexed when searching
  • The old "Get It On Overwolf" images from the Marketing Communication Guidelines page are unavailable from the old links. For now, the page has been updated with an extra set of links.


  • Added the tray_icon flag to the manifest. When provided, this icon will be used as the tray icon, rather than the launcher icon.
  • Various improvements to high-dpi transparent windows.

Bug Fixes