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Version 0.191

  • This patch includes a bunch of under the hood changes for some upcoming APIs.

Dev Console

  • CLI - A new tool to help you manage your Overwolf app

Game events


  • No changes.


  • overwolf.utils.checkForClientUpdates() - This new method can be used to check whether an Overwolf update is available.
    Example of the returned callback:
      channel: "Developers"
    currentVersion: ""
    hasUpdate: false
    newVersion: null
    success: true
    updatesDisabled: false
    Please note that Overwolf will stop displaying the overlay in-game if it was updated while the game was running.
  • - This methods returns the WindowInfo object for any window that has been called with It's better to use this method instead of using obtaintDeclaredWindow if the the window you are refering to has already been declared.


New manifest.json properties:

  • auto_relaunch_on_crash
    • Relaunches an app if it crashes.
    • If the app crashes consecutively more than 5 times, we will stop trying to relaunch it.
  • open_dev_tools
    • Used for debugging, automatically opens the dev tools when an app window opens.

Bug Fixes

  • - Fixed a possible audio syncing issue when composing more than 2 files.
  • - Fixed a possible error when having more than two segments.
  • Reduced internal cache when checking for a possible app update when using "test" channels. This will hopefully reduce the time frame from the moment a developer updates the "test" channel until the update reaches the users.
  • Fixed a descrepency in the storage paths when an app's display name was added.
  • Fixed an issue where non-developers were able to load extensions as unpacked.