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Version 0.194

  • Note that iterations 192 to 194 were combined into a single iteration.

Game events

  • Dota

    • Due to a recent game update that disable GSI (Game State Integration) and in order for Overwolf apps to work correctly please read the note here
  • League of Legends

    • Add new event "team_frames" for the counter of the ultimate cooldown of the players in the game
  • LEP - lol launcher

    • Add new info update at the end of each game with the total "league points" (LP) earned in the last game, see notes here
  • CS:GO

    • Add ping event
    • Add nickname, ping and local_player parameters to the scoreboard - see notes here


  • Improved Overwolf's memory footprint.
  • New manifest.json:
    • author_display - located under the meta object. Changes the author name without changing the app's UID.

Recording Engine

  • OW-OBS is now using OBS version 27.2.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with overwolf.utils.getMonitorsList.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overwolf recording process wouldn't shut down when exiting the game.
  • Created a recovery mechanism when Overwolf apps fail validation.
  • Fixed cases of Overwolf not detecting processes sometimes, such as the League of Legends launcher.