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Version 0.137

  • MTGA Events - New supported game
    • New info-update:
      • detailed_logs_enabled
    • New event:
      • match_outcome
  • WOT Events
    • New event:
      • match_outcome
  • New doc about our Game Events Simulator app.
  • New sample app with enhanced UI.
  • New manifest flag: minimum-gs-version - Allows extensions (apps) to set a minimum game summary app version in the manifest, this works similarly to minimum-version and relevant only for apps thay using the game summary pannel.
  • New manifest flag: service_providers - you can use this flag to set different parameters that are relevant for a service provider app. Use the new API function overwolf.extensions.getServiceConsumers() to read the flag value.
  • New API function: overwolf.utils.openStore() - Opens the requested app’s profile/login/subscription page in the Overwolf Appstore.
  • New API namespace: overwolf.extensions.sharedData - a new namespace that allows any app to share data with another app. the plan is to use it for the Game Summary tabs.
  • New plugin: The Process Manager plugin that allow OW apps to run executable (for example, run a game when you launch an OW app).